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Anyone can tell a story.
We do that. Better than most.

Image of studio scene with a single car in the forground and multiple cars in the background as well as a camera setp with smoke.

But ten seconds in … what’s the point?
We understand that the message is the goal.
Your story is just the kick off.
This is where we start.

We are IFDC

Picture of Heather Roymans and Justin Kanner holding their hands together to make the movie camera viewbox.

Heather Roymans & Justin Kanner

Owners. But we do things.

Together, they have taken partnership to a whole new level co-directing all campaigns for IFDC. Justin and Heather are experienced with the full range of direction spanning from the intimate sit down interview to the fully cast commercial production for brands, businesses and networks. They lead all campaigns, rebrands, dope sizzles, design and the best damn color team in town. By leaning on her background in concept development and his command of execution, there is nothing this creative duo can’t handle.

Photo of Monesha Lever

Monesha Lever

Executive Producer

With her cool, calm, and collected approach to tackling the unexpected, Monesha is our go to person when it’s time to solve problems and get sh*t done. There’s no denying her prowess for organization and she’s been known to love a good chart or calendar almost as much as she loves writing her highly anticipated happy hour emails. Outside of work you can find Mo at a comedy show, chasing after her two daughters, or simply laughing at her own attempts to produce the organized chaos that is life.

Photo of Andrew Caughy

Fabian Tejada

Art Director

Hailing from New York City’s The Mill, Imaginary Forces & Click 3X, Fabian is among the ‘mad men' of title design and VFX compositing. Fabian’s work has received numerous awards working on prestigious brands including AMC, Vice News, Vox Media, BET, Bulova, CBS, Chanel, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, Covergirl, ESPN, Movado, NFL, Nike, Pepsi, and Prada…. you know, to name a few… Fabian is one of the most genuinely collaborative and calming people you will ever meet. You’ll leave every conversation feeling as if there isn’t a care in the world.

Photo of Erica Kern

Erica Kern

Associate Creative Director

She travels the world looking for inspiration, plants trees in Baltimore City, and never disappoints when Halloween rolls around. Don’t let those youthful good looks fool you; Erica is a creative force to be reckoned with. Over the last decade she has written and produced countless promos, penned captivating brand stories, and renovated numerous rooms in her 19th century home. It seems the only thing Erica can’t do is stay still. It’s that need for adventure that makes her fully equipped to handle any project that comes her way.

Photo of Nate Hoeft

Nate Hoeft

Sr. Editor

Back home in Maryland after editing movie trailers in LA, Nate is loving the East Coast life but craving a decent taco. He doesn’t believe in the term “rough cut” so every edit is laced up with sick music, dope sound effects, and the kind of shot selection that earns you an Emmy nomination within months of starting a new job. Maybe it’s the bottle of hot sauce he carries in his bag or the wildfire he acquired while cutting Game of Thrones spots. Whatever it is, Nate’s edits are hot!

Photo of Victor Verdugo

Victor Verdugo

Sr. Designer & Animator

Bienvenido a nuestra familia!

As someone who lives by the motto, “do what you love”, Victor is thrilled to be part of IFDC’S design and animation team. Born in Chile, he recently moved to DC with a passion for telling stories and moving things on screen in the smoothest and most creative way possible. You might call him a “Smooth Criminal” but his only crime is killing it on every design project and stealing our hearts with his always genuine personality. Victor’s cup is at least half full (of coffee) and he puts the same enthusiasm into his designs as he does baking and terrarium making.

Photo of Rory Sheridan

Rory Sheridan

Sr. Editor

If there were a “Slashie Award” in our industry it would go to Rory. Editor / Videographer / Rock God / Father / Skateboarder / Bad Ass. The only thing better than his endless skill set is his always-down attitude. Need someone to pop into After Effects and play animator? He’s your man. Looking for on camera talent to star in your Instagram wine series? He’s got the perfect velvet blazer. Want someone to grab a drink with at the end of a long day? Uh duh! If you can’t find Rory in his edit suite, check the web cams at Seacrets in OC.

Photo of Kristen Edgell

Kristen Edgell

Writer / Producer

Her spirit animal is a mermaid but thankfully she’s sticking to dry land for now and sharing all her creative passions with us. Nothing Kristen does is average. She bakes award-worthy desserts just because it’s Friday, then fosters a dog because it’s the weekend. Her love for production is stronger than the sweet tea she grew up drinking in North Carolina, and we’re convinced she walks around with a backpack full of movie trailers because no one can find the perfect reference faster than she does.

Photo of Dave Nathan

Dave Nathan

Sr. Editor

New York’s loss is our gain. Dave came to us with a killer resume and an even sweeter beard. He has cut spots for Showtime, SyFy, and AMC, but if you ask about his greatest accomplishment he’ll say it’s going 4 for 5 from the free-throw line to win a high school basketball game. That’s unless his wife is listening, in which case it’s his two sons. Dave is a passionate editor who brings his gift for crafting great stories into every project. He also has a great set of pipes and is our go to for scratch voiceover.

Photo of Jason Leta

Jason Leta

Sr. Designer & Animator

One part designer, one part mad-scientist. No doubt you’ll know when Jason arrives to work. That’s because he shows up every morning on the custom Basman e-bike he built himself. When he’s not cruising around DC he’s off exploring the world and bringing back inspiration for his next project. His easy-going personality and iron clad work ethic make him an integral part of our design team.

Photo of Megan Gygax

Megan Gygax

Writer / Producer

You can take the girl from the beach, but you can’t take the beach from the girl. Megan is an Eastern Shore native who escapes back to the sea every chance she gets. She came to us as a receptionist but after catching a glimpse of her multi-tasking talents we quickly converted her to a member of the Writer / Producer team. Since then we’ve thrown every kind of task her way and have yet to crack her sunny disposition. It’s that laid-back, easy-going vibe that makes working with her on a project feel like a day at the beach.

Photo of Carol Wilson

Carol Wilson

Office Manager

If you don’t know Carol do yourself a favor and call our office right now. She’ll answer and we promise you won’t regret it. Five minutes on the phone and you’ll be calling her Aunt Jucci like the rest of us. When you visit us she’ll have the fridge stocked with your favorite drink, your lunch order memorized, and a one liner that’ll turn even your worst day around. Carol is not only the face of IFDC, she is the SOUL … and did we mention she was on Soul Train? She’s still got the moves!

Photo of Bodhi the shop dog


Shop Dog

A good shop dog is quiet but always ready for a belly rub. Bodhi has mastered the art of chill and is always available to share his laid back vibes when things get a little hectic around the office. When he’s not out on a walk you might find him taking a nap on the rug in edit 7, or taking a nap on the rug in edit 8, or taking a nap on the rug in edit 9. Being a shop dog is hard work!

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